Volvo P1800S


Price: 135 000 PLN (~31 500€)

Chassis number: 183351

Volvo P1800 is one of the most recognizable models, not only in the history of the Swedish brand, but also in the history of motoring. The timeless design has won the hearts of many collectors around the world, becoming the undisputed star of many exhibitions and classical motoring auctions. The quite complicated history of the model as well as its legendary durability was not without significance.

Volvo, which we offer is an example of incredible for today’s originality. Interestingly, the car came with its own strength from Norway, where it is currently registered. The history of the car begins in 1967, when it left the gates of the factory in Gothenburg. According to the information obtained, the car for the last 12 years belonged to an elderly citizen of Norway, so that less than a year later, by a Pole living in that country. It is amazing to keep the car in its present condition. Both the interior and all mounted accessories underline the spirit of the patina, which is distinguished by the car we offer.


Paint is preserved in good / very good condition. It is not particularly scratched and there are no major signs of time.


The car does not have corrosion, during the inspection before admission we found a small blister at the bottom of the body, which can be repaired through our workshop.

Exterior accessories

All components installed on the bodywork are in a good / very good condition, this applies to both chrome parts and other accessories.

Interior accessories

Interior is one of the most valuable elements of the car. It is preserved in the original state with tremendous patina. The leather on seats is climatically abraded, but its condition is good. It pleases the fact of small additions in the form of, for example, a fan mounted at the rear window, or an original radio.

Engine and transmission

The B18 unit working under the hood not only looks good visually but also works without any problems. Currently, there is no indication of the need for any adjustments, the car accelerates very efficiently, and the gearbox works precisely.

Suspension and brakes

The car is steady, there is no pulling, no slapping or no knocking from the suspension. The brakes work well, but you can feel the pedal swimming lightly when pressed, which requires additional verification.

In conclusion – the Volvo P1800 preserved in this condition is a rarity. The current market position of the vehicle is strong due to the falling supply of solid cars and the need for costly renovation of cars available on the market. The car is registered in Norway, sold by a citizen of this country.