Porsche 911 Cabrio


Price: PLN 99 900 (~€23 500)

The car offered by Classic Motors is a perfect example of how slowly classic, 20-year-old Porsche can be preserved. The first water-cooled model is a great daily driver in which we will feel the true spirit of the brand from Zuffenhausen, without sacrificing convenience.

To date, the car has traveled less than 60,000 kilometers. It came to Poland from the United States last year. Since then, deep maintenance work has been underway, which included, among others, engine overhaul (the future owner will have it all off his head) and repair of the entire roof mechanism. Porsche had no damage to structural elements, only the bumper, thanks to which it looks sensational today. The car is great. Suspension, brakes and other components do not raise any objections. It is nice that the copy is equipped with a manual gearbox.

The car is registered on blue diplomatic plates, is subject to sale on the basis of a purchase contract, it is checked in and ready for registration on normal, white plates.