Porsche 911 Carrera 1991

Price:PLN 190 000 (~44 500€)

Chassis number: WP0ZZZ96ZMS405919

Porsche 911 is probably the most recognizable sports car ever. The chassis that everyone knows, regardless of age, electrifies in every form – from the 60s to the present generation. Model 964 is considered by many to be the quintessence of Porsche air-cooled – on the one hand, it retains its classic character, on the other hand it already presents a fairly decent level of equipment, which allows you to move around without any problems on a daily basis.

The vehicle offered by Classic Motors was brought to Poland from Japan. It was produced in 1991, it is a Carrera 2 version equipped with an automatic transmission. In Poland, the car has been registered since 2017. Its current mileage is just over 90,000 kilometers. The condition of the vehicle should be considered good and it is difficult to find aspects to which one could attach. The car has undergone thorough mechanical service, all engine leaks have been removed from which the 964 generation is known. At the moment the car is ready even for further journeys. A detailed description of the car’s elements is presented below:


The car has been varnished in its entirety, probably still in Japan. The work should be assessed as solid, but in places (eg on the mask) you can see an uneven surface, but in no way qualify for re-painting.


Car at the moment does not require any bodywork repairs, the car has no visible corrosion.

Exterior accessories

The car from the outside looks good. As for the cons, it is necessary to specify the cracked right front wheel arch (small loss) and the not too nice rear right lamp, which is a kind of illusory model 964. In addition, all the elements are in place and present in accordance with the age and mileage of the car.


interior of the vehicle is in good condition. The leather covering the seats shows no signs of wear. The dashboard looks very good. Non-standard audio equipment was installed in the car.

Engine and transmission

According to previous information – the engine has recently been sealed and does not require any mechanical work. The transmission works without reservation, changes gears without visible jerking.

Suspension and brakes

The car has a slightly lowered suspension, so that, in combination with a set of rims from the Cup version, it presents itself sensational. It is carried out precisely, the suspension does not seem to be disturbing. The brakes work very well.

In conclusion – we offer a vehicle that can be an affordable dream come true for a classic-looking and sounding Porsche. The car is suitable for trouble-free operation and will certainly be a great entry into the world of classic construction of the legendary brand from Zuffenhausen.