Porsche 911 Cabrio



The Porsche 911 series 930 is a car that combines a puristic driving experience with comfort that allows you to use the car every day. The car offered by Classic Motors Staniszewski is a vehicle that has been largely preserved in its original condition. The car is fully functional and registered on Polish numbers. Porsche was serviced at a specialist plant that carries this brand CARREINCARNATION. Car registered in Poland since 2008. In the hands of the current owner since April 2015. Stored in a heated garage. The car is equipped with the desired G50 gearbox and air conditioning.

The car looks very good and does not require any repairs.
The coating is mostly original. On the left (front fender, door, rear fender) there is a second coat of paint (approx. 250-260 microns).
Engine and transmission:
The engine works very well, its work does not raise doubts about its condition. The gearbox is working well, but you should work with the slack on the jack.
Suspension and brakes:
The car drives confidently, also brakes well.
The interior looks perfect, all accessories are in very good condition.

To sum up, the offered 911 is one of the better options to enter the world of sports cars from the 80s. A copy imported from the United States in the offered condition is a rarity, most vehicles imported from overseas have a history of accident behind them. Here we are dealing with a very well preserved copy, which not only looks very nice, but from the mechanical side will not require investment.

More accurate chassis photos can be found at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TwuWVpgAgpDDBydk8