Mercedes-Benz 350 SL


Price: PLN 91 000 (~21 250€)

Chassis number: WDB10704310002752


The offered Mercedes 350SL was delivered in 1972 to the French market and then was imported by its owner to the USA, from where in 2017 it came to Poland.

The car is an interesting example of the very rare 1 series of the R107 from the European market with manual transmission. The car has many features characteristic only for the first series.


According to Daten Karte, Mercedes was equipped with the following options:

135 – MB Tex Blau (Blue),

717 – Lacquer – Papyrus white,

454 – Tank Lock

620 – Emission Control System

Mercedes has a Clean Title. The auto accidental accident is also confirmed by mechanical examination.

The car is not registered in Poland, has the opinion of an expert in vintage cars and a set of documents for registration on white or yellow number plates.


Auto has two coatings in white (Papyrus – code 717). The paint layer on most elements is in the range of 250 – 350 μm.


Car’s bodywork is in very good condition and does not require any work.


The interior is complete and original. The car was replaced with carpets and plastic parts and upholstery were renovated, which has been preserved in the original condition. The radio installed is not original – it comes from the 80’s.


After being imported to Poland, a review of the engine and transmission was made. The engine runs smoothly and has full power in every gear.


Upon arrival in Poland, the car was commissioned to a professional mechanical service specializing in this model. A series of service works and replacement of many components were performed. The work has been documented.

After completing the tests, the car has traveled about 50 km on dirt roads.

List of works carried out (selected items – 350SL):

  • Renovation of water cooler,
  • Oil cooler renovation,
  • Painting of air filter housing, servos, coolant tank,
  • Sand blasting – fan,
  • Replacement of rubber hoses in the engine,
  • Gearbox repair,
  • Replacement set of sleeves in the front wishbones,
  • Changing the bushing sleeve (rear and front),
  • Replacement of elastic brake lines,
  • Replacement of connectors and stabilizer rubber (front),
  • Replacement of upper and lower pins,
  • Oil change in the engine (Motul 10W40)
  • Replacement oil in the box (85W90)
  • Oil change in differential (85W90),
  • Replacement of filters (oil, air, fuel),
  • Replacement of vacuum lines,
  • Replacement of water hose,
  • Replacement of support cable,
  • Overview of the brake system,
  • Replacement of brake fluid ,
  • Sealing the sump
  • Exchange silencer
  • Exchange of carpet
  • Painting wheels and bolts
  • Tires
  • Replacement Handbrake retractor rod,
  • Changing the gear shifter,
  • Replacing the boot plates,
  • Repair blower,
  • Repairing the windscreen washer,
  • Painting 3 body parts,
  • Interior cosmetics.