Mercedes-Benz 300CE


Price: PLN 9,900 (~€2,500)

Chassis number: WDB1240501B838994

The car was produced in 1992 and originally came to the Netherlands, from where it came to Poland in 2015 (registration January 2016). The current owner drove him a bit and now decided to sell it due to the planned expansion of the family – it was his bachelor vehicle. The current mileage is 190 000 km. Version quite interesting, because it is factory-fitted, e.g. with an electric driver’s seat.
The car requires spot repair of the front left fender (a common problem in W124) and a superficial bloom on the driver’s door.
Original color – Bornite. The surface around the car is slightly matted and is suitable for polishing. There was some clearing on the left front fender (which still needs to be repaired). There is cracking on the right rear pillar.
Engine and transmission:
Both the engine and transmission work well, the car accelerates as needed, the transmission changes gears without visible stoppages. The engine has slight oil leaks which should not be a major problem.
Suspension and brakes:
The car drives confidently, also brakes decently. Some rubber components may need to be replaced (nothing knocks), e.g. the upper right front shock absorber.
Complete, preserved in good condition with minor operational damage. Lining needs repair. The front and rear windshields need to be replaced (an example of the front cost is PLN 250).