Ford Taunus




Chassis number: GBBFPS28735

Ford Taunus is a great example of an affordable car in which we can feel the contact with real, classic motoring. The car was produced in 1973. Interestingly, the car was registered in Poland as early as 1982, so we have a long Polish history. Taunus until 2004, i.e. for over 20 years, was in the hands of one owner (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). The car was restored a few years ago. The quality of the work should be described as solid, although to the full completion it would be necessary to improve a few things that are described below.


The car has no visible corrosion centers, is protected from below and there is no indication that it requires bodywork.
The paint coating has small cracks on the edges surrounding the side windows, but the need for any interference should be defined as spot.
Engine and transmission:
The car is equipped with the well-known and undemanding 1.3 OHC unit known from other Ford models. The engine starts without major problems, it will require a slight ignition adjustment. There is no sign of smoking, which suggests that the power unit is in good condition. The transmission works well, gears enter without noticeable grinding.
Suspension and brakes:
Both the suspension and braking system work well and show no signs of wear.
Despite the passage of years, the interior of the car looks very good. The bright upholstery shows no signs of wear. The headliner is in very good condition. Elements of the car equipment are in good working order. The car is equipped with a factory sunroof.

Ford Taunus offered by Classic Motors is an interesting alternative to other classic cars, including popular BMW and Mercedes cars. The condition of the car should be assessed as good for minor corrections. We are glad about the Polish history of the vehicle, because we are less and less likely to meet cars whose presence in our country began even in the times before 1989.