Fiat 500




The Fiat 500 offered by Classic Motors Staniszewski is a perfect example of a finished product that you will only enjoy. The car was imported from Italy by its current owner and subjected to comprehensive refurbishment by a small vehicles specialist. The car looks phenomenal and among other Fiat 500 stands out definitely a plus, both in appearance and technical condition. The toy car is a great investment because it requires no further spendings.
The car underwent a comprehensive body repair a few years ago, it looks perfect.
The surface was applied very well, it has no flaws or cracks.
Engine and transmission
The engine starts without any problems, works evenly and you can certainly go by car even on a further journey.
Suspension and brakes
The car drives confidently, also brakes well.
The interior looks perfect, all accessories are in very good condition.

To sum up, the offered 500 is a great choice among vehicles that require minor or major repairs. The car took part in numerous rallies of classic cars, and its current owner, a fan of Italian classic, made sure that the car had the real pedigree.