Fiat 124 Coupe




Chassis number: 0253749

Fiat 124 can be described as one of the prettiest popular Italian models of its time. The car was produced in three series in the years 1967-1975. Under the bonnet, the Aurelio Lampredi engines, with capacities of 1.4-1.8 liters, which were also known from other Fiat models. A total of 286,000 cars were produced, of which the least numerous group was the third series coded as CC – about 26% of the total production.

The Fiat offered by Classic Motors was brought to Poland from Germany in 2007. The car was part of a larger collection of classic cars. Due to the condition, after importing the car had the body repaired and painted. After this process, Fiat went to a dry and warm garage, where it spent the next years. A detailed description of the car’s elements is presented below:


The car has been painted in its entirety, the quality of painting works should be assessed as medium, but comparing with the standards prevailing over 10 years ago. The surface of the varnish is tarnished, certainly cosmetic treatments will restore its former glory.


The car had the body repaired over 10 years ago and rust protected. As of today, there are no visible sources of corrosion.

Exterior accessories

The car from the outside looks good. Most of the accessories are in place and the car should be assessed as complete.


Interior of the vehicle is in the middle condition and requires cosmetic work and the top of the driver’s seat (the material is complete). Not all indicators work, the electrical system needs to be reviewed.

Engine and transmission

The engine starts without any problems, runs smoothly. The exhaust system needs to be reviewed (leak). The engine has no major leaks, the 5-speed transmission works well.

Suspension and brakes

Due to the long-term parking, the brakes and suspension will require a review, while at the moment they work and do not show any damage. Brakes take equally, but require the use of force.

To sum up – the Fiat 124 Coupe is undoubtedly one of the more affordable and at the same time interesting cars, which should be described as a full-fledged classic car. The car we offer is a great base as a weekend driver or, after being adapted, as a base for touring rallies.