Vintage cars are very different from those which we can find in the market of used cars. First of all, their age, very different technologies and history. It is impossible to assess the condition of such a vehicle without the necessary experience and knowledge acquired over many years of working with this type of motoring.

The most important in our business are integrity and transparency. With years of experience in classic cars restoration, we are ready to assist you in the assessment of technical classic car. The diverse skills of our technical team affect the perception of the full range of issues related to the assessment of vehicles.

Classic Motors means also the international activities and contacts in various places around the globe. Our list of contacts and network of friends helps us in finding offers, which are not listed anywhere, as well as in finding a new owner of your car.

Classic Parts and Classic Motors is a family business. We have created together a well-functioning team, who will be happy to share with you their experience and help you to find your dream car, sell your car classics and reliably assess a vehicle that interests you.

Welcome to our company.

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