Citroen DS21


Price: SOLD

Citroen DS is one of the most important cars in the history of motoring, both by the design and technology as well. This model has redefined the concept of comfort and style. Its timeless body still evokes positive emotions, not only in fans of classic motoring.
The vehicle offered by Classic Motors Staniszewski is a largely finished product. The car has undergone a nut and bolt renovation a few years ago and at the moment does not require any work or investment. This is one of 100% complete projects that will not surprise its future owner. This is the DS21 version equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, which is theright after theversions Pallas most-wanted version of the classic DS.


The car was painted few years ago, the surface is in very good condition and does not require any cosmetic work. The quality of the work should be determined at a very decent one.


Due to the relatively recent and satisfactory class of renovation, the car is in very good condition.

External accessories

All elements mounted on the body are in very good condition and do not even require cosmetic procedures.

Interior accessories

Interior of the vehicle has also been subjected to a comprehensive renovation and does not require any interference.

Engine and transmission

The engine runs very smoothly and accelerates without any problems. The car moves smoothly, the gearbox is not grinded and works very well.

Suspension and brakes

During the renovation, the suspension and brakes were also rebuilt. The car does not have any leaks, the suspension rises extremely smoothly and quickly after starting. Brakes and power steering work without any issue.

In conclusion – Citroen DS is a timeless machine. The car we offer is probably the best option for entering this legendary model, without any burdens connected with vehicle repairs and renovations. When buying this car, we can be sure that we are buying a product ready for the ride, in great condition.