Price: 210 000 PLN (~49 000€)

BMW Z1 is a unique vehicle. The car was supposed to introduce the Bavarian brand in the last decade of the 20th century (hence the name Zukunft 1) and it must be admitted that thanks to its form and technology – it was possible. The reconnaissance element of the model has become hidden down instead of opening to the sides or up the door. The car in the 90s made a stunning impression, and to this day is a manifestation of the amazing technical sophistication of those years. The design of Z1 is based on a steel frame on which PVC panels were applied. The car was produced in 1989-1991, 8,000 of this interesting roadster were created.
BMW, which went to the Classic Motors offer is an example of a real collector’s car. A car with a history of only 45 thousand kilometers went to Poland from Japan. In our country, the car has been for 2 years and during this time has undergone a series of renovation works that were required due to the unusual design of the car. As of today, the car is in perfect condition, ready for driving.


The paint looks very good, has no scratches and does not require any work.


Due to the type of car body, the car does not have any corrosion, frame is in very good condition.

Exterior accessories

The car from the outside looks very good. All elements are in place and are in very good condition.


The interior of the vehicle is in a very good condition, consistent with the low mileage of the car.

Engine and transmission

The engine starts without any problems, runs smoothly. The transmission works without grinding.

Suspension and brakes

Both suspension and brakes work without reservation.
In conclusion – we are dealing with a rare state of preservation of such a special car. The car is in a collector’s, very good condition and will certainly be a great base for investment.