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Classic Motors – thanks to the experience gained at Classic Parts Staniszewski, we decided to expand our business with sales, purchase and advisory services around classic cars. If you want to fulfill your dream of owning a vintage car, or you are looking for help with reliable and professional sales – that is the place for you.
The basis of our activity is a reliable and actual evaluation of the cars sold. Each car is thoroughly reviewed and checked for originality, so that the future owner can be aware of the condition of the vehicle.


Vintage cars differ significantly from those found in the used car market. First of all, one should remember about their age, very different technology, and history. It is impossible to assess the technical condition of such a vehicle without the appropriate experience and knowledge gained over many years of work with this type of construction.

Reliability and transparency are the most important in our activity. Thanks to many years of experience in servicing and restoring vintage vehicles, we are ready to help in assessing the technical condition of a classic car. The diverse skills of our technical team influence the perception of the full spectrum of issues related to vehicle assessment.

Classic Motors also has international activities and contacts around the globe. Our contact list and network of friends help us find nowhere else cars as well as find a new owner for your car.

Classic Parts and Classic Motors are a family business. Together, we have created a well-functioning team that will be happy to share their experience with you and help you find your dream car, sell your classic car, and reliably evaluate the vehicle that interests you.

We invite you to our company.

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