Chassis number: WBSDU91080LK55060

BMW Z4M is an extremely interesting sports car. The small body included the highly respected S54 unit that originally powered the BMW M3 E46. The combination of a compact design with an almost 350 horsepower drive system gives the thundering effect of one of the most efficient and best-running sports cars of its time. The car accelerates to 100km/h in 5 seconds, and slowing down is ensured by powerful brakes equipped with 345mm discs. The Z4 coupe body was produced for only 2 years (2006-2008). In total, 4,275 Z4M Coupe went to dealers. Currently, it is extremely difficult to find a neat, accident-free copy of this model, thanks to which, looking at the historical data of the preceding models, we can confidently say that buying a car has the chance to be one of the better investments in the automotive world.

The car offered by Classic Motors is in rare and very good technical condition. The car was produced in 2006 and hit the Japanese market. In Japan, it has traveled just over 90,000 km, to confirm which we have a set of documents and service books. The car was imported to Poland last year. After arriving in the country and inspecting, it turned out that we could be dealing with one of the best-preserved copies offered on the market. The condition of the paint is very good and adequate for the age and course. The engine and manual transmission work flawlessly. The interior is also in excellent condition. At present, the car does not require any financial contribution and is ready for operation.

We invite you to have a look at the album of detailed photos:

We agree to the technical inspection in any workshop indicated by us at the expense of the buyer. The car is available for inspection by appointment.