Maserati 3200GT

3.2 V8 Biturbo


Price: €25,900

Chassis number: ZAMAA38B000001220

We are pleased to present you another car from the Classic Motors Staniszewski collection – it is the Maserati 3200GT manufactured in 1999. The model was created as a direct successor to the extremely limited (only 326 pieces) Shamal, with which it shared the technical solutions of the powertrain. Under the hood of this timeless Italian coupe we will find a powerful 3.2-liter V8 unit. The engine is assisted by two turbochargers, which generates almost 370 horsepower, thanks to which the car enters the sphere reserved for real sports cars. The 3200GT offered by Classic Motors is equipped with a classic and trouble-free 4-speed automatic transmission as well as a limited slip differential (LSD). The combination of all these elements gives a staggering driving experience.

The car was imported to Poland from Japan and has since been in the hands of a private collector. The car underwent a meticulous preparation process, during which the seats were replaced, a new headlining was sewn and very deep service works were carried out, as well as the rims from the 4200 model installed. At present, the car is ready to be driven. At the beginning of June, the car underwent an oil service with the replacement of brake pads and injectors seals. The confirmation of the last service is an invoice for almost €2,000. Specialists from the Maserati authorized service supervised the selection of appropriate parts.

The Maserati 3200GT is a great start to the dream of a real Italian sports car. Great performance and timeless style is indisputably the best mix, which can only stand Italian stylists and engineers.

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