Jaguar XJ6



Price: €6,800

The car was imported from Italy last year. This is a limited edition of XJ40 Gold, which is the last projection of this model. Everything indicates that only 277 units were produced with this engine. Solutions already known from the X300 model have been used here, including rear suspension or improved car electrics. The Italian climate did not allow even the smallest amount of rust to develop. The floor is perfectly healthy, as are the fenders, pit, and pillars. Heat shields, catalysts, clips, end caps, spare wheel keys, fuse pliers and other, even the smallest pieces of equipment – everything is in this car, its condition should be considered complete. The car has a small mileage of 128,000 km and full documentation, i.e. service book, vehicle manual, vehicle service book, European assistance card, security system manual, audio system manual, air conditioning panel manual, contact book with international service centers, a set of keys.

The interior is in excellent condition – the skin is perfectly preserved, the headliner holds as it should, the wood is in good condition.

The SLS system in the car is original and fully functional. The rear suspension has been dismantled, the bushes and shock absorber pads have been replaced, the system is vented, and the whole works as it should (the system performs a test each time the engine is started). The consumables were replaced with filters, engine oil, suspension components, sealed engine, air-conditioning after a full service with O-ring replacement (cools very well) and oil in the rear bridge, and many other smaller things, such as candles and bulbs. I’m changing the transmission oil any minute. Front and rear discs and pads in very good condition (consumption at 20-25%). We have documentation regarding any repairs made.

The car is fully functional. The engine works perfectly, quietly, evenly, without any kicking or jerking. The gearbox shifts very nicely, full electrics are functional – with an automatic antenna or electrically adjustable lumbar section. The audio system has been modified, but everything in a very neat way, based on top-shelf components (JL Audio, Audison). The whole is hidden and assembled in factory places. Both door pairs (back and front) have been additionally damped.

Nothing makes noise – traveling by car is a pure pleasure. The suspension suppresses unevenness well, the car is compact and drives very well. Wheel hubs do not have slack, bearings run quietly, shock absorbers in very good condition. Lamps, exhaust system, original interior. Nothing was combined, tuned, or hurt in any other way. A fully functional on-board computer that shows no errors.

The car is sold on rims from the XJR model with Fulda tires in very good condition.

The car came to Poland as completely collision-free, while in the autumn there was small damage that resulted in damage to the front bumper, its detail, right fender, and partly the bonnet. The front belt has not moved, the lamps are original and factory, similar to the radiator. The repair was limited to the purchase of a new fender and bumper, the bonnet could be repaired, so it stayed. The damage was harmless. We have full photographic documentation of the car (e.g. from the moment of importation to Poland or immediately after the damage occurred). The paint coating has been refreshed, there is no putty on the car (except for the edge of the bonnet). The car was qualified by the PZMot appraiser as a vehicle meeting the conditions for registration as a monument (over 95% of originality).