Saab 99




Saab 99 is the quintessence of Swedish technical thought, straight from the 60s of the last century. 99s were manufactured at the Trollhattan factory from 1968 until 1984, after many upgrades. Saab offered by Classic Motors belongs to one of the last years, it left the factory in 1981 and went to Germany. Little is known about his earlier history, but in 2015 he was acquired by a private collector from Poland in Hamburg. Since then, the car has been in one hands, has been registered on yellow antique boards, and has undergone a number of works that make it a complete and ready car for the day.

The list of work done in recent years is below:
– engine head overhaul,
– engine top sealing,
– fuel pump rebuild,
– radio repair,
-a new set of Vredestein tires,
– oil service.

The car without major obstacles has recently traveled the route from Sopot to Warsaw. It came to our workshop and was reviewed by experienced mechanics, thanks to which we are sure of its technical condition. If you are looking for a car that will allow you to move straight to the 80s, a companion of summer rides, or just a classic that you will drive every day – our Saab is definitely the car for you.

More detailed photos can be found in the album: