1960 Volvo PV544 Sport

Price: PLN 37 000 (~8 600€)

Volvo PV544 was a breakthrough model not only for the brand, but also for the history of the automotive industry. This model was the first car in which 3-point seat belts were installed.

The car that we offer you at Classic Motors is a car that bears all the signs of a collector’s vehicle. The car was imported Poland from Austria in 2005 by a private collector. Then the car was completely dismantled and refurbished. The bodywork was in good condition, however all sensitive points were repaired. Then the car was painted in the original cream color. Since then, the car has been used sporadically for several years, performing several dozen kilometers of annual mileage. The car belongs to the rare Sport series, which was also equipped with a 1.6-liter B16 engine, but it was powered not by one carburetor, but two, which resulted in a power of 75 hp. These cars are today much sought after by collectors throughout Europe. Volvo is a complete vehicle, all equipment is in its place and it’s hard to have something to complain about. When the car came to our company, Classic Parts Staniszewski, it was reviewed mechanically and improved in terms of electrical installation, which had its own problems. Currently, we can confidently offer a car ready for the ride, which will certainly please the new owner with a classic shape and a timeless character. Paint, despite over a dozen years old, looks good, just like the state of the bodywork. We did not find any rust spots. Chrome parts and accessories mounted on the body are in very good condition. Enjoys a nice addition in the form of a distinctive roof, which adds to the car even more friendly character. From the mechanical side, the vehicle starts without major problems and handles very well on the road, none of the components raises any comments. Both the engine and the gearbox work very well.

To sum up, we are dealing with a real classic vehicle, which thanks to its historical value can complement many more or less extensive collections. Certainly it is an extraordinary vehicle and stands out against other, more popular classics. Thanks to Swedish technical thought, this solid construction makes today a great joy of having, as well as driving with this particular item. The car is registered on “regular” white Polish license plates.