1980 Fiat 124 Spider

Price: PLN 49 000 (~11 000€)

The Fiat 124 Spider is a model that made an amazing career for a small European car. In the 1970s, it managed to conquer the American market to the extent that it is still a relatively popular car to this day.

The Spider offered by Classic Motors was produced in 1980 with the purpose, as the vast majority of all production, for the American market. The car has been equipped with a 2-liter fuel injection-powered unit. The car came to Poland a few years ago with the idea of ​​comprehensive renovation. After the start of the process, dismantling, bodywork repairs and the new paint, Fiat went to our company, Classic Parts Staniszewski, in order to complete the renovation. As of today, after 2 years of operation, the car looks good. From the visual side, the paint surface, despite lower standards than in our company, looks fine. On the left rear fender, one crack is visible in front of the wheel, removal of which should not cause problems. All accessories installed outside the car, i.e. chrome parts, bumpers, etc., look fresh. The interior has been trimmed with light cream Alcantara in combination with the leather in the same shade and is fresh today. The wood on the dashboard has not changed since the assembly and also looks very good. All elements of the interior are in place and it is difficult to indicate a place that would require corrections. During the assembly, we also sewn new black carpets, thanks to which the interior retains its full character. From the mechanical side, the car works very well. Both the engine and the transmission work without a hitch. The car accelerates without shortness of breath and is ready even for further journeys. The suspension and brakes also show no wear and you can count on further, trouble-free operation.

In summary, we are dealing with a car that has undergone a comprehensive renovation two years ago. Despite the capricious nature of Fiats from those years, the car is in very good condition and at least a good visual condition. Ideally suited as the first classic car in the family.

We invite you for a ride!