1972 Citroen DS21

Price: PLN 87 900 (~20 900€)

Citroen DS – one of the greatest legends in the history of motoring. The car that changed the understanding of what comfort meant. Already in the 1950s, the French set the direction of development, which is still highly respected and the interest of collectors around the world.

The DS, which went to our offer was imported to Poland about 2 years ago by our friendly diplomat, hence the blue registration numbers. The car was produced in 1972 as the DS21 version. The car is an example of a fantastically preserved patina of time with a relatively very good technical condition. Visually looks good. Varnish, despite its age, does not require any work or corrections, only small cosmetics. The interior is a huge plus of the car we offer. Thick, fleshy, brown skin is preserved in great condition. Both outside and inside, the car is complete and there is no shortage of even the smallest details. The hydraulics work without much effort, there are no leaks. Both suspension and brakes work perfectly. The engine is another strong side of this particular DS. The carburetor-powered unit starts without any problems, works very evenly. The transmission also shows no signs of wear.

We are dealing with a car that thanks to its original character will certainly enjoy its future owner’s state of preservation and technical condition.

Come and see!